7 myths to know about auto insurance Alabama

When it comes to buying a car, we perform a lot of research on which car is the most suitable for us. But, the same we neglect researching enough on car insurances. We find that car insurance is a mandatory thing, still we remain ignorant. So, it is important for every car owner to perform good amount of research before going for car insurances. In this piece of article, we shall find some major information on car insurance. But, before that you should know about the importance of car insurance. No matter in which state you live, you need good auto insurance for your car’s safety. Auto insurance can prove to be a real friend when you need quick funding. Not just cost for your car’s damage, car insurance also covers medical expenses of the driver in various cases. So, in this article we shall strive to know various things over auto insurance Alabama. Before going for insurance buying, it is important for us to understand right information about the insurance policies. So, we shall discuss the common myths that are associated with Alabama auto insurance.

Myths with auto insurance Alabama

People have limited knowledge regarding auto insurance. According to most of the surveys, people know a little about auto insurance, even having 2 to 3 cars. This ignorance is because many car sellers suggest auto insurance to the buyers. Now, going by car seller’s suggestion, you may end up losing excessive money. Car sellers would suggest those policies from the companies that are partnered with that a particular seller. To avoid this and to save your cost, you should research in your own terms over auto insurance Alabama. So, now let us check the common myths with car insurance:

7 myths to know about auto insurance Alabama

  1. Color of Car Does Not Matter

Many buyers think that color of car matters in case of car insurance. The truth is can insurance has nothing to do with color of the car. This is simply a myth and you need to avoid this myth. Car insurance provider will check your car’s model, type of design, brand and various other things. But, they do not care about the color of the car. So, buy the car, as per your favorite color and you do not have to pay anything extra for that.

  1. Old Car Does Not Need Insurance

If you are using a car for long time or if you are choosing to buy a second hand car, it is important for you to know that old car would not serve your purposes. For easy auto insurance, we cannot skip insurance for old cars. In fact, you need to have an insurance policy for your car according to state’s guideline. Some people go for basic insurance without researching anything. On the other hand, some people go for low cost insignificant insurance for fulfilling legal requirement for the state. But, no matter it is a new car or old, your car may cause accidents and in that case good car insurance will help you for sure.

  1. I’m Covered If Car Is Stolen

In case if your car has been stolen, you need to check your insurance terms properly. Not only insurance offers coverage on this aspect. In fact, there are only a few types of car insurance policies where you would get coverage if your car has been stolen. In that case, go for the insurance policies that have such coverage to offer, if this matters to you.

  1. Credit Score Does not Affect Insurance Rates

Insurance interest or premium rates does not get affected by credit score. Some people think that they have low credit core and thus they would not get low cost car insurance. Well, this is comprehensively a wrong conception. You need to gather car insurance quotes as much as possible from various insurance providers. Your credit score would not influence the rate of premiums. This is the simplest thing that you should know.

  1. Policy Lapses If I Miss Premium

Well, in most of the cases, this is true. If you cannot pay for the EMIs of your car insurance, then your policy will lapse. However, there is one twist. You can still revive your policy by contacting your insurance company. In such case, you may need to pay a fine. Generally insurance does not lapse, if you fail to pay premium only for a month. Also, failure of payment and reviving insurance would not harm your coverage.

7 myths to know about auto insurance Alabama

  1. Personal Property inside Car Is Covered

Your personal property inside the car damaged due to accident is not covered under car insurance. This is something that many car owners have to abide by. In case of most of the car insurance policies, this kind of coverage is not offered.

  1. No Fault Insurance Means It’s Not My Fault

‘No fault insurance’ does not mean it is not your fault. In fact, the thing is opposite. This kind of insurance provides coverage that you need to pay to other party who has been affected by car accident.

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