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Getting the perfect insurance for your car is not easy. Most of the car insurance companies will charge you decent amount of money and you need to make sure before opting for any insurance that you get good value for your money.Deciding for one particular car insurance can be a daunting task when there are so many options available in the market. You should see the customer feedback and the user’s rating before finalizing one particular company. Here is the list of major auto insurance companies.

  • Liberty Mutual

liberty_mutual_logoIf you do a proper research in the market you will come to know that Liberty Mutual is one of the best car insurance in the market. If you are looking for honest, friendly and professional car insurance service then this is it. It is not like other companies who will give you a 6 months policy and rip you off with their high prices. Some of the companies are even charging double of what Liberty Mutual is charging. If you do your research properly you will know it will be surely one of the top 10 best auto insurance companies.

  • Esurance

esurance_logoIf you are looking to make good savings through your auto insurance then Esurance is the right one for you. Compared to any other brand it is almost 50% cheaper. If you feel tiered of your insurance price going up and up every year you should try this one. You will receive all you policy papers through mail which will save a lot of your precious time and also it has a very simple and easy to use online interface. Essurance will surely find its place in top 10 best auto insurance companies.

  • Allstate

allstate_insurance_logoYou can not possibly know how well or bad your auto insurance is unless there is a disaster. In the case of disaster all you need is a compassionate and swift response from your car insurance company. If you compare Allstate insurance to the other companies in the market then the price of Allstate is slightly on the higher side but if you calculate the peace of mind you are getting form this company, then those extra bucks really doesn’t matter. The ability to give quick and compassionate response is what makes them one of the best auto insurance companies.

  • State Farm

state_farm_logoState Farm’s name will surely be there if you are making a list of major auto insurance companies. An auto insurance company simply can not stay in the top if they fail to do what they promise. If you are a customer of State Farm then you must know that they will always give you back more than you were promised. The price of your insurance will not matter when you are going for a claim. They will handle your claim in a very fast and professional way which really matters at the time of loss.

  • Progressive

progressive-logoIf you are making a list of top car insurance companies, then you can not ignore Progressive auto insurance. If you are fed up of having a local agent who is good for nothing, If you are really pissed of about the high premium prices you end up paying every year for your insurance then it is high time to switch to Progressive Insurance.

It has got a system where after every 6 months your policy price goes own and it has got the best customer service.


geico_insurance_logoIf you are looking for a car insurance company with excellent customer support service, on time swift delivery and agents who will always be there to help then you should switch to GEICO. They have a great team of passionate agents and they also work with outside companies to get you some attractive discounts. If you don’t have a policy yet, GEICO is the one you should start with. If you are looking to save money on policy premiums then also you should switch to GEICO. It is present in every car owners list of car insurance companies.

  • USAA

usaa_insurance_logoUSAA is a kind of car insurance company who are always with you. Imagine yourself to be in a scary accident in the middle of nowhere. Suppose you are physically unhurt but you are scared as hell after meeting with the accident. All you need to do is to call up USAA customer care and they will take care of everything. They have this super supportive 24*7 customer care where agents will listen to your problems patiently and give you a proper solution. If you are making a list of major auto insurance companies, then you can not ignore the name of USAA.

  • Nationwide

nationwide_logoIf you are looking for car insurance without any extra bills then you should switch to Nationwide. They have got this road side services, towing services and all of them comes in a pretty low price compared to the other service providers. If you are a business owner then also you should switch to Nationwide because they will feel the importance of your business and will not waste any time at all in giving you your claim. If you have just brought your first car, you should try Nationwide.

  • AAA

aaa_logoAAA would also come in the list of top car insurance companies. If you are a person with high income you should try AAA as your auto insurance company. They have got this great response time, courteousness and professionalism. It is an insurance company which is most feared by the other insurance companies. If you are with AAA people will not mess with you normally. Their car insurance is much cheaper than the others and it is very easy to get support form them anytime of the day. They have a group of dedicated support staff who will be always there to help you or guide you.

So here are a few names from the top list of major auto insurance companies which their brand name has reputation in the area of auto insurance.  Please notice that the list is in random order, we don’t sort the list or compare between them, and they are just information related to each company.  You can learn more about them by doing research more using the internet or go directly to their site to read more information about them. Anyway, we will focus on how they work and what insurance rates that they are offering in future articles. In the meantime, you can browse through some of the interesting articles in the sites. You can check back often as we will update more on rates, quotes and procedures.

See the info-graphic below for the estimation of how much is enough for auto insurance coverage. For detail information there are many factors need to be taken into consideration.


(Source: Bankrate)

Let’s learn a bit about auto insurance knowledge.

What is auto insurance or car insurance?

Generally, it is an insurance that drivers or owners of car can purchase to protect you, your passengers (people who are seating in your car) and your car in case of traffic accidents. This usually includes the following parties: the insured party, in insured vehicle and the third party involved.  Many different policies will be applied depends on the coverage that you purchase.

Who is it for?

There are several entities includes the owner of the car and drive the car, the person who drive the car that they do not own, the person who give their car to other person to drive.

How many types of auto insurance?

There are several specific main coverage when you purchase the car insurance as following: liability insurance, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical coverage (medpay, pip and no-fault coverage), uninsured and under-insured motorists coverage, supplemental coverage and several not required coverage such as glass replacement, towing insurance etc.

We will look in detail of these types of auto insurance.

Liability insurance: This is a must for the owner as well as the drivers. This includes damages and injures of property that could be occurred in the accident. There are 2 types includes bodily liability coverage and property damage coverage.

Collision Coverage: This coverage deal with the cost of the damage caused by the collision to your vehicle. This type of insurance will pay   for the repair cost regardless your fault or not.  A good coverage could be pay for all the value of your car.

Comprehensive Coverage: If something happens to your car accident not that is not in your control such as vandalism, bad weather, theft, etc.

Medical Coverage: This covers medical treatment or medical expenses of driver and passenger. For a certain states there may be required other coverage like person injury protection and no-fault coverage.

Uninsured and under-insured motorists coverage: For uninsured motorists, this insurance type will pay for you in case you have injuries when you are involved with drivers who don’t have car insurance and this is a must in certain states.
For under-insured motorists, this type will pay for you in case your damage in value is exceed the driver liability insurance value.

Supplement Coverage: this will be applied in case your vehicle is a rented property and the car is damage or theft.  Auto replacement coverage will cover fully in case your need to be repaired even the cost exceed its value.

Bonus information: Now you can buy car insurance or auto insurance online using the internet because of its convenience, speed or processing and some insurance companies also offer discount price when you purchase car insurance online. So you can have a look at this now.

When you decide to buy car insurance, here are a few things you need to consider because they will affect your premiums (the amount of money you need to pay on monthly basis or period).  You will see that insurance company will ask you the following things in order for them to come up with your premiums.

Location: Where you live? Area such as city or country side or urban area can definitely affects on your premiums. Urban area is facing more risk of theft than other location.
Excess: If you are willing to pay excess when claiming you definitely can reduce your premiums.
Car type: the more expensive and faster your car the more premiums you have to pay.
Consolidating policies: When you buy in bulk or additional insurance like life insurance from the current insurance company, you will sure to have their discount premiums.
Parking place: Where you park your car on a regular basis or overnight can certainly affect your premiums. If you lock your car in a secured garage then you certainly have a good premiums offer.
Mileage: The number of kilometers you travel every year can affect your premiums. Certain insurance company could put constraint on the kilometers that you drive.
Security: Are your car equipped security devices like alarm, autolock, GPS, immobilized? This could help you reduce insurance premiums.
No claims discount: avoid small claim to get a bigger claim bonus at the end of insurance period.
Gender: Statistically, male is likely making more accidents than female (I’m not sure about this, man was born for driving J).  So there is a tip for couple, use female as primary driver will help your reducing premiums)
Driving Skills: You should taking an advanced driving skill course, it is not only help you drive better and safer but also help to reduce your premiums.
Age: Insurance companies will charge lower premiums for elder drivers.

Conclusion, from the above information, I have covered a list of major auto insurance companies for you to choose from, and a “crash course” on auto insurance or car insurance for you to have a better understanding about auto insurance. I hope you like the information presented here, mean while you can learn more here and check out some of the related information like car insurance for teens, for seniors, for military and mother, etc.

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